Plant business

Global Market Vision is a project management company in the fields of SOC business such as airport, port, road, industrial complex, petrochemical plant, and power plant construction in Asia Pacific regions. Taking the initiative in financial consulting, design, the EPC, and operation & maintenance (O&M) work, it promotes projects with the cooperation of Korean conglomerates and world-class specialized companies. As a developer and PM company for projects in Asian nations, it also contributes to the improvement of living standards in the Asia Pacific Rim.

The plant business

Global Market Vision has been pushing ahead with the projects, including the construction of a petrochemical plant, the coal-powered thermal power plants (2 1,000 MW plants in Indonesia and 1 450 MW plant in Papua New Guinea), the hydroelectric power plants (2 400 MW plants in Nepal and 1 450 MW plant in Peru), the wind power plant (1 around 500 MW plant in Kazakhstan), the solar power generation plants (150 MW plants in Australia and Peru and others of the like), the diesel power plant (1 50 MW plant in Papua New Guinea), a basic industries complex (Cambodia), and etc. It provides the financial consulting related to the procurement of the funds for the SOC and energy plant projects in the Asia-Pacific rim region. Moreover, it carries out works as a developer or a PM company.