Asia Oil & Energy

As an Asian agency of the Bonny Light crude oil (BLCO), Global Market Vision carries out the brokerage business for the oil transactions in the Asian region and the consulting. In addition, it carries out the consulting work regarding the casting and the management of the VLCC-class oil transportation ships, the LNG ships of the size of 170,000 tons~200,000 tons for the transportation of energy.

The energy business

The procedure of the oil transaction

  1. Business Consulting for Price negotiation and Delivery Method
  2. The order, the Block Fund, and the US$100 million MT799 (or the standby L/C) issued by a US$2 million barrel vessel.
  3. Cargo delivery
  4. Settlement


  1. Business Consulting for Price negotiation & Funding
  2. Decision for the specifications – the volume, amount, design of structure, technology, production period, inspection standards, takeover method, and etc.