Asia Pacific Finance Consulting

The feasibility study and financial consulting of the Global Market Vision begin with comprehensive business environment analysis for each project. It also departs from scientifically sophisticated business valuation through evaluation and optimization by comparing with other alternatives. It analyzes incentive effects for each key concept of business by using advanced statistical algorithms. The starting point of any investment is the confirmation of the estimated revenues which the business will generate.

Feasibility Study

Project Management Process


Pre-Design Phase

  1. Project Organization
  2. Contruction Managemant Plan
  3. Project Procedure Manual
  4. Pre-design Project Conference
  5. Management Information System
  6. Prelimanary Cost Investigation
  7. Project and Construction Budget
  8. Cost Analysis
  9. Master Schedule
  10. Milestone Schedule
  11. Scope of Work
  12. Quality Management Plan
  13. Communication Procedure
  14. Safety Management Plan


Design Phase

  1. Design Document Review
  2. Document Distribution
  3. Contract Distribution
  4. Project Funding
  5. Cost Estimate
  6. Value Analysis Studies
  7. Cost Monitoring and Reporting
  8. Design Schedule
  9. Construction Schedule/li>
  10. Construction Test Requirement
  11. Document Control
  12. Quality Control and QM Specification
  13. Quality Assurance
  14. Contruct Ability Review
  15. Design Review Meeting


Procurement Phase

  1. Procedure Planning
  2. Advertisement and Solicitation of Bids
  3. Select Bidders List
  4. Instruction to Bidders
  5. Pre-bid Conference
  6. Proposal Document Protocol and Bid Opening
  7. Pre-Award Conference
  8. Contact Award


Construction Phase

  1. Budget and Cost Monitoring
  2. Change Orders Control
  3. Process Payment
  4. Quality Management
  5. Cost Management
  6. Schedule Management
  7. Extension/Impact Analysis
  8. Inspection and Test
  9. Project Site Meeting
  10. Claim & Dispute Resolution
  11. Contract Administration Management
  12. Safety and Environment Management


Post Construction Phase

  1. Maintenance Manuals and Operation Procedure
  2. Spare Parts and Warranties
  3. Final Payment
  4. As Built Drawing
  5. Final Cost Report
  6. Occupancy Plan
  7. Contract Call Backs
  8. Final Report and Recommendation


Market Vision Consulting Group

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