Q & A

    Is financial consulting possible for project development financing?

    Global Market Vision is a consulting specialist of real estate developments which designed the Songdo New City with the prediction of demand and business concepts, and ultimately made the city become international by filling 5 million pyeong (1653 ha) of the sea with the investment from Gale International of the United States. It has been undertaking the development of the 4 million pyeong (1323 ha) sized Asian Hollywood Movie City and that of 2 million pyeong (662 ha) sized tourism industrial city at Angkor Wat. It provides consulting which attracts investments from world-class financial groups by advanced demand forecasting techniques and creative business concepts for any sized development projects of your company. The Yeongdeungpo Time Square, known as ‘the Second COEX’, is a perfect example which shows a successful financing through our unique consulting ways.

    How is the prediction of the demand for a project proceeded with?

    At the first stage, Global Market Vision analyzes a basic environment and then develops project concepts. Then, potential demands will be drawn through analysis technology of the latest commercial areas. Based on the outcome, the total business revenue will be measured. The total cost of the project will be deducted from the predicted total revenue, and this will result in new profit of the business. This net profit will be converted to one pyeong sized residence and commercial area, so that the return on investment can be estimated. Global Market Vision was requested to forecast demand by the Gimcheon Innovation City, which is the largest Korean research institute, as they acknowledged its expertise. If the business feasibility is confirmed by the Market Vision’s demand forecast, the consulting of overseas fund raising will be conducted.