As a comprehensive real estate development consulting company, Global Market Vision has been providing the total solutions. It provides consulting service about apartment housing, industrial complexes, plants, distribution facilities, business complexes, tourism and leisure complex development, and project management. In addition, consulting service of comprehensive real estate development and project financing is also offered.

The urban development business

In South Korea, Global Market Vision provided a constructive advice for overseas investment in urban development projects of Songdo New City, Ulsan Innovation City, and Gimcheon Innovation City by predicting demand. It also advised the Yeongdeungpo Time Square, which is a street-typed multi-shopping mall, on the possibility of attracting foreign investments based on the prediction of demand.
I developed a building, which is a symbol of the wealth of South Korea, by predicting demand for Tower Palace, when working for the Samsung. While working as a management researcher at Maeil Business Newspaper, I conducted the remodeling of the Guro industrial complexes, which are the largest in South Korea. Global Market Vision, where I am currently working for, has been designated as the PM company for the development of Hollywood styled movie city in Asia with China, that of tourist city at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and that of Las Vegas styled casino city in the Mongolian region.
In the field of amusement facilities and theme parks, it has been either planning or consulting projects in cooperation with Japan’s leading amusement equipment manufacturers.


Tower Palace

Creating a myth of the prediction of the demand for the real estates.
Tower Palace- a symbol of the wealth of the Republic of Korea.
When it was being planned, nobody could dare to talk about the success of a high-class and super-high multi-purpose building in the Republic of Korea.

The Songdo New City

The prediction of the demand which succeeded with the investment attraction.
The largest urban development in the Republic of Korea.
Hong Kong 20 years later- a hub of the finance and the education.

The Time Square in Yeongdeungpo

Even after all of the real estate myths in the Republic of Korea vanished, we were successfully able to survive.

The AK Plaza in Guro

The prediction of the demand for the remodeling of the AK Plaza Guro.
The profits of the department store were improved through the remodeling of the passage for the approaches by the customers.

The Lotte Department Store

Behind the success of the management of the head store and some of the stores of the Lotte Department Store, there were the commercial area analyses by Market Vision through the scientific predictions of the demands.

The remodeling of the Guro Industrial Complexes

The development of a remodeling concept according to the specification of the industrial complex, which had been the largest industrial complex in the Republic of Korea, in the Guro region in Seoul.
The remodeling benchmarking of the industrial complex in the Kawasaki region of Tokyo, Japan.

The Dongdaemun clothes market

The analysis of the environment for the success of the largest-sized clothes shopping mall in the Republic of Korea in the commercial area of Dongdaemun.

The Lotte Castle Apartments

The prediction of the demand for and an analysis of the needs for the Lotte Castle for the success of the highest-class apartments in the Republic of Korea.

The Gimcheon Innovation City

The predictions of the demands for the development and growth of the small- and medium-sized cities in the provinces.
The service ordered by the Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade, which is the large-sized national research institute in the Republic of Korea.